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This product prevents dryness and rough skin while leaving the skin soft with a silky texture.

<<Directions for use>>
①Use the measuring spoon inside the package, and pour 5 or 6 spoonfuls (150〜180g) of Epsom Salts into a bathtub filled with warm water (approximately 180〜200 liter).
②Allow salts to dissolve fully.
③Relax in the bath for 10〜20 minutes.
An optimal temperature of bath water is 38〜40 degrees at which you can feel relaxed and relieved.
④Lie down and rest for a while after bathing.

・Ask a doctor if it is safe for you to take Epsom Salts if you have any issues of your skin or health condition.
・Stop using when they don’t suit your skin.
・Stop using and consult a dermatologist if you experience allergic reactions, such as redness or swelling on skin surface, and itchy skin, which may be caused by staying in direct sunlight during or after the use of Epsom Salts.
・For external use only.
In case you swallow large amounts of salts, take appropriate action, like drinking water.
・Keep out of reach of children.
・Keep out of sunlight and away from heat and humidity.
・There are not any problems with the product quality when the salts become solid due to moisture absorption and/or a long period of unused time.
・For bathing purpose only.
Do not use water for laundry after bathing.

<<Regarding bathtubs>>
This product does not contain sulfur which causes damage to bathtubs.
However, it suggests that you should clean a bathtub soon after bathing.
This product is not designed for some particular bathtubs, e.g. a bathtub with 24-hour circulation. Ask the manufacturing company of your bathtub for any details.